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The Exotic Grocery In the Mt. Baker Foothills, Washington State, USA

Everybody's Store, the exotic grocery, thrives in Van Zandt at the north end of the lush South Fork Valley. Just a stone's throw from Bellingham (Washington State, USA), Everybody's has exactly what the name implies, a cornucopia of goods for you. Hailed by the Seattle P.I. and Pacific Northwest Magazine as a food mecca, the L.A. Times touts their "encyclopedic array ... (Everybody's) will bag organically grown produce, medicinal herbs, home-baked goods,wines and smoked salmon, plus books, wool hats and socks." This charming general store has been serving the community for generations. Inside, it's your choice, from brightly colored clothing and indigenous crafts to dozens of delectable cheeses and fine smoked meats. Check out one of our recipes. Relax by the garden, enjoy a giant sandwich or an ice cream cone. Ask for a map to the Van Zandt Coal Mine or stroll to the nearby Nooksack River.

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Ask the Locals: Everybody's Store
When is a sandwich more than a sandwich? When it's in a country store on Highway 9 in rural Van Zandt, and the owners know everybody who swings through the screened door if not by first name, then by sight, and if not by sight, then by a quick scan that tells how hungry you are, whether to suggest a six-pack or an iced mocha; peaches in a paper bag or squeeze-bottle mayonnaise; tribal whale earrings or a........Read More


High Spirits Flutes

High Spirits Flutes


Our High Spirits flutes are the perfect combination of native history, superb musicality, and beauty that can only be found in hand crafted works of art such as these. Visit our Musical Instruments page for a sampling or stop by the store to try one out today.

Nokkelost Cheese Is Here! Nokkelost Cheese, now the front runner in Everybody's Store's stable of "Gourmet Traditionals" is exclusively produced for and by Everybody's. Our Nokkelost, a unique caraway spiced Norwegian cheese cultured here in Washington State with unpasteurized milk, is a bit smoother and creamier and much lower in sodium than the European version.Cheese

Think Local Everybodys features many products that were grown or produced in our local region. By purchasing these products you are contributing to the local economy and supporting our local businesses. Look for the "Local Product" emblem throughout our site.

Local Product

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